On the Sea of No Regrets

sbza4j5zStrange bay, strange country
Skies overhead wheel into night
Stark lights ashore soften on the bay
Rippling to shadows as they approach
What has brought us here
Pushed by the life behind
Drawn by the void ahead
I vision long nights at sea
Masts scraping stars from the sky
Their shards falling in showers
To light foaming waves at our bow
And trail sparkling green in our wake
Long days under the sun’s unflagging gaze
As eastern mornings glow anew
As western skylines are set on fire
Lost loves behind me, new ahead
One or many is a mystery
For now aqua waters reflecting blue sky
Framed under bending palms
Clasped in arcs of white sand
Remain inspiration enough
Postcard destinations along the way
But for a sailor it’s the journey
In that lies the true promise
Pudding in the pie
I set sail tomorrow in hope
That my random course is set
For that someone I dare not dream of
On the sea of no regrets

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