Night Passage

Night has swept the sky away
Horizon blazed itself to death
O’erarching is the gone of day
New moon is climbing to the west

Her masts sway through the dark above
And scrape across the Milky Way
My Blessed Lady, one true love
Upon the sea in nighttime play

The stars fall at her foaming bow
To sparkle in the roil and churn
And dancing port and starboard now
They pirouette around her stern

It’s dark ahead and dark abaft
But shooting in from far abeam
A porpoise carves a shining path
An arcing spear of glowing green

We hear its breath blow out, gasp in
And then a playful jump and splash
It rolls its eyes and slyly grins
Then giggles at our ocean dash

Hours pass astern in softened swells
They drift away in rolling wake
The stories of the night to tell
Another day is on the make

Then rising from the golden east
A blazing sun has shown its face
Mabrouka, blessed lady beast
Is charging in a joyous pace

Toward who can answer where or when
But when we get there we will know
To stay awhile and then and then
Depart together on we go

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