A Change of Venue

imageI’m finally getting my new blog kicked off. The old site at http://www.sailblogs.com/member/blessedlady/ was cumbersome to maintain and, quite frankly, I was unhappy with Sailblog’s service.  It will remain available until I get the old posts transferred over to WordPress, so you can visit my past there if you’re interested. In between times I’ve been posting to Facebook and I hope to get much of that onto WordPress as well. My friend, Dartanyon Race (How’s that for a cool name?) is doing the legwork for me.  He does this for a living, so stand by for links to his sites.

Mabrouka and I are in Golfito, Costa Rica right now. Frankly I don’t find much of interest to write about here just yet.  It seems like a place you come to to go to other places. For me it was primarily a safe harbor to rest up from nearly four months of gunk holing down the west coast of Central American. Before early August, the last slip Mabrouka enjoyed was in Bahia Del Sol, El Salvador in mid-May. The interim has seen anchoring in everything from gale force winds at Punta Amapala on Golfo Fonseca to intoxicating evening skies over Bahia Santa Elena in northernmost Costa Rica.

imageThe sailboat Gaia has been my constant companion since we departed Marina Chiapas in Puerto Madero, Mexico. Bob and Irma have become the best of friends as is so often the case when the furnace of cruising together is forging the bonds.  Make no mistake, others (Terry on No Fronteras and Chris and Shawna on Sirena) have shared in the bonding process as well.

It should only be another week or two until we make the next jump, a sixty-plus mile trip into Panama.  In the meantime, stay tuned for updates on whatever we find to do in Golfito and Golfo Dulce.

6 responses to “A Change of Venue

  1. The blogchange is good.
    This comment field has yellow text on white field, which is a strain, but gives me an excuse for typos.
    August 11 was Martha’s B-Day, so we have been enjoying Chincoteague and surroundings.
    Your travels, and your writing of them, are inspiring.
    You are a voyager and have a way with words. Impressive on both counts.
    Carry on.


    • Dave, I’ve got black text on a white background. In setting up this new site it’d be interesting to know why your’s (or mine) is different.


      • Hi Roy, This is my first attempt ever at replying to someone’s blog, so you should feel honored. This is quite an adventure you’re on. Your sailboat looks great, and the pictures of the places you’ve visited are incredible. I agree with Dave that it’s inspirational to see someone head off on a trip like yours. We’ll miss you in May at the Webb homecoming. Best of wishes fore the rest of your voyage. – Greg


  2. It’s good to see that you have been able to find a dock to anchor at after those long months of sailing down the Central American coast! Hopefully the time spent there is rejuvenating and peaceful. Do you plan on staying in Panama for a while?


    • As usual, Claire, I don’t have specific plans. I think I get a ninety day visa for Panama, so would probably come back to Costa Rica no later than mid-December. Mostly what I want to see there are the Islas de las Perlas, which are supposed to be magnificent cruising grounds. I want to come visiting back in the US sometime during that period as well and staying in Panama depends largely on what sort of arrangements I can make to leave the boat. Stay tuned.


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