Ok, Now We’re Shellbacks


Polliwogs Pre-Crossing

Whether fully sanctioned by the International League of Shellbacks or not, we’re calling ourselves shellbacks. With just polliwogs aboard Mabrouka, we have only our formerly, woefully inadequate, slime of the ocean polliwog selves to vouch for adequate depravations and embarrassment among us for the more esoteric (i.e. traditionally sadistic) qualities of our ceremony, but the physical process of sailing Mabrouka across the equator was definitively satisfied at 1:08pm local time about 50 miles north of Galapagos. Ta dah, or, more properly, huzzah!



The Obligatory “Crossing the Equator” Chart Plotter Photo


Late in the morning I’d gotten out the craft materials I’d bought in Costa Rica and we all sat down to make various vaguely nautical accoutrements for our costumes. That started to get the crew into the proper spirit and when we started to don our outfits a half-hour or so before the crossing, things really started to get rolling. Funsville! Embarassaing pictures below!

After observing the crossing on the chart plotter, we moved the ceremony forward where we offered aquavit libations to Neptune and toasts to each other, Mabrouka, and our nautical heritage in the form of my late father, Captain Robert Leslie Neyman. Huzzah again!

Okay, now it was up to me to beat this newly accredited crew into shape and start throwing people overboard. Actually I jumped in which, with my fine example, encouraged daughter Lisa to jump in, too. Brother Roger claimed disability and fatigue, so was banished to sick bay and shark watch while Mabrouka drifted and Lisa and I gave the hull one final scrub to better assure us of its passage through that aspect of our Galapagosian entry procedures. It actually looked pretty good, …just a little fuzz to fuss with.

We would arrive in Banquerizo Moreno well before sunrise if we headed onward too soon, so we drifted for another couple of hours on the almost glassy sea. Roger and I napped while Lisa played as if she were a real marine biologist and played with ctenophores, jellies, string-o-pearls, and a cute little blue copepod. Now we’re cooking dinner. Galapagos tomorrow.

One response to “Ok, Now We’re Shellbacks

  1. If only Teaser was on the boat still, then you would have had the royal baby as well…I had to look this up, but now I know that you are all well-seasoned sailors, NOW! 🙂


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