Isla Santa Cruz


Lisa at about 40 ft

Looking back on it from five months further down the line, the Galapogaen island of Santa Cruz was pretty much a business stop for me.  It was early April and, between confusing guidance from TurboTax and my inability to get reliable internet, I had come up against the deadline for filing my 2016 tax return.  I struggled for much of the time there to solve these problems, but extremely poor connectivity no matter where I tried on the island left me flailing and I eventually filed for an extension.

We also had to prepare Mabrouka for the three- to four-week transit to the Marquesas.  There were a few minor mechanical issues I addressed with varying success and, though it wasn’t exactly the Mall of the Americas, Santa Cruz was our only hope for filling in the gaps in our provisioning.  We scoured the small markets in town and eventually found our way to fresh produce and meat markets.  The pickings were meager, but adequate.

Between shopping expeditions, we did get in some touristy stuff.  We spent a day or two walking around town, including an extended visit to the Darwin center.  Roger and Lisa joined the crew from another boat and went to another tortoise center as well.

Most memorably, for me anyway since it’s the only real outing I participated in, was our dive trip to the island of Seymour Norte where we expected to swim with hammerhead sharks.  We were somewhat disappointed in that regard, but did get to see some in the dim depths below us.  It was Roger’s first open water dive since he’d gotten his certification in Panama, so that was a big event in itself.

Stella's Departure-2703

We also saw our friends on Stella Polaris off at their departure for Easter Island.  That took them quite a ways south of our intended course and it only after a couple of months and one and a half archipelagos later that I saw them again.

All in all, I’d have to say that Santa Cruz was not the highlight of our trip.  With more of a town than Isabella, it didn’t share its charm and the outings we took were far less memorable.

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