Mabrouka and I have been partners in crime since October 1999, at first just hanging about in West Coast waters, …first San Diego, then in Seattle. In August 2014 we departed the Pacific Northwest and sailed down the coast to Mexico. After about 1-1/2 years ricocheting back and forth between Mazatlan and La Paz, we went even further. It’s almost July 2016 and we’re part way down Costa Rica on the way to Panama. Before starting this cruising odyssey, I had only a couple of pretty tame deep water transits under my belt, with most of the sailing I’d done since the age of 17 racing and coastal cruising. Having grown up with the Channel Islands as my cruising grounds, the years of living in Seattle opened my eyes to what I’d been missing. Puget Sound and, more expansively, the Salish Sea offered limitless harbors and vistas within which to expand my experience. As of my retirement on April 1st 2013, Mabrouka and I have embarked upon the culmination of our life adventures, shaking the kinks out of our knowledge and equipment cruising the PNW into the summer of 2014, then heading south for the foreseeable future. The horizon, as far as it is visible, encompasses the South Pacific … who knows, maybe beyond. This is the story of that adventure.

– Roy


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