Guide to and Rules for this Blog

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Here’s some guidance on how I’ve put this blog together.  First of all, you can filter this blog by the type of posting.  Each post has one or more categories in the upper right hand corner of the header photo.  Then the right hand sidebar has a list of the active Categories.  You can filter the posts by clicking on the category of interest in either the list or the corner of the picture.

Although I may add or delete categories, my thinking presently tends in the following directions:
– Cruising is the default category and all posts should have this tagged.  That way you can “filter” on Cruising and see everything.
– Reflections is, as should be apparent already, my thoughts on life, mostly as pertaining to cruising, but I reserve the prerogative of wandering off that topic as much and as far as I damn well please.
– Projects and Maintenance is my means of boring technically disinterested readers into sending heart-rending comments to plead that I leave them out of such balderdash.
– Definitions and Lore, though it does not yet enjoy any entries, will be a means for this wise old salt to educate you landlubbers on nautical terminology or other such nonsense as I see fit. This, I hope, will allow me to wax nautically poetic with such words as scallywag, bulwark, and lazarette without ruining my rhythm by stopping to define the words as I go.
– Prose and Poetry is a tactic I intend to use to counter the Projects category. That is, if I can’t drive you away with exhausting technical treatises, I’ll turn to original (or even plagiarized) word art to accomplish what I couldn’t by other means.
– Equipment, as if Projects wasn’t enough, is another way for me to indulge the engineer in me by posting more technical stuff. We’re like magpies, you know. If it’s bright and shiney we want to feather our nest with it. That’s what I’ll do!


As far as rules for this blog, I intend to make the ones that apply to me as I go.  As for you, let propriety be your guide.  Here are a few of my thoughts on what that means:
– I’m not a big fan of profanity, although the occasional F-bomb won’t raise my hackles.  Some people throw that word around like, well, like like.  Like, I was walking down the street and, fuck, well like I saw this like fucking guy doing, like a fucking dance on the fucking corner and…  You get my drift.  Not very classy.
– There are no rules on what sort of comments you can make.  Part of what keeps me going on this project is your appreciative input, but constructive criticism will not be rejected.  Keep in ming that I get to accept or reject comments before they appear, so outright antagonism probably won’t make it into my little corner of the blogosphere.