Corcovado National Forest

Around the Lodge-14

Lodge in a downpour

Around the Lodge-3

Lodge bar and dining area

Around the Lodge-7

Jungle boots

Around the Lodge-13

Flying squirrel monkey


Around the Lodge-12

Monkey on a wire

Around the Lodge-11

Monkey highway


Around the Lodge-9

Yeah, …and?


Around the Lodge-6

Basking Jesus Christo lizard

Around the Lodge-5

“I don’t trust you!”

Around the Lodge-4

Prepared for flight

Around the Lodge-2

Leaf-cutter ants


Tree Creeper


Bull frog at night


Spider hiding


Spider hunting




Anole lizaard


Male anole lizard’s proud appendage

Corcovado Forest Hike-3995

Our transport to the forest



Corcovado Forest Hike-3992

Break for wildlife viewing

Corcovado Forest Hike-3990

Up the river

Corcovado Forest Hike-4011

The trailhead

From Erik

White-faced monkey

From Erik-11

King Fisher

From Erik-10

Some kind of snake, …not poisonous


From Erik-8

Blue Morphos butterfly … the outside of the wings are brown, but the inside is iridescent blue

From Erik-7

Toucan, duh

From Erik-6


From Erik-2

Bird spider, i.e. tarantula

From Erik-5

Down to the waterfall

From Erik-4

View from above

Corcovado Forest Hike-4083

The pool


Corcovado Forest Hike-4078

Bob and Irma

Corcovado Forest Hike-4075

Bridgitte and Karl


Corcovado Forest Hike-4080

View of the sky

Corcovado Forest Hike-4070

Our guide looking up

Corcovado Forest Hike-4040

Everyone enjoys a cool dip

Corcovado Forest Hike-4057



Corcovado Forest Hike-4062


Corcovado Forest Hike-4033

Something akin to a violet


Corcovado Forest Hike-4027


Corcovado Forest Hike-4013

Hiking companions

Corcovado Forest Hike-4012

Bird of Paradise

Beginning of the trail

Corcovado Forest Hike-4005

Tiger heron

Corcovado Forest Hike-4001

Tapir tracks

Corcovado Forest Hike-3975

Bloomin’ fungi

Corcovado Forest Hike-3973

Wine glass mushroom

Corcovado Forest Hike-4086

Starting the trip back